HERTZ by Elettromedia

Dec 15, 2020

New Mille Pro MP28.3 component tweeter

The MP 28.3 component tweeter is now available in the Mille Pro line up!

Discover the extraordinary technology inside it with us:

– 28mm voice coil features the CCAW technology (Copper Clad Aluminium Wire) that combine lightness and stiff moving assembly

– Rear acoustic chamber with damping material allows to achieve a resonance frequency of 900 Hz

– Massive Neodymium motor minimizes nonlinearity

– Tetolon dome that maximizes the dispersion of off-axis listening

Thanks to all this technological elements it can reach an high frequency extension of 28kHz; a champ in its class, considering the 28mm voice coil.

The MPCX 2T.3 ultra-compact Crossover is provided.

For an easy OEM integration a wide array of installation accessories is provided:

Mounting accessories for hertz MP28.3

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